Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers

Our intention is to offer you transparency by connecting you with the people who put their energy into creating your clothing.

Behind the Scenes

Shopping is like voting.
It’s one of the most impactful actions we as individuals can make.

Ethical slow fashion

Together we can put the spotlight on the fashion industry to expect transparency when we purchase goods.

Each piece we create has a unique qr code on the hang tag, once you scan it you will be introduced to your tailor, fabric cutter, dyer, screen printer, finishing ladies, support & admin team.

As far as we know there is no other label that is giving their customers this opportunity.  We hope to be the first of many.

One of our values will always be to offer only quality products made with high grade fabrics so that each piece has a long lifetime.

Who made your piece?

We would love the opportunity to introduce you to the people who worked together to bring your piece to life. Simply scan the unique QR code on your hangtag to Meet the Makers.


We love what we do so you'll love what we make.

Made to Last

Each piece we make with quality fabrics & threads so that it will have a long lifetime that will outlast the seasons.


It's important for you to know who & where your clothing is made.

We refuse to work
with any sweatshops.

Instead we are committed to operating our own production house so that we can be certain each person who comes to work with us feels safe and valued.

Pak Yono & I started our ethical production house together in 2011 with the intention to unfuck the clothing industry in Bali.

Before that I was naive and thought sweatshops only existed in China or India.

For 2.5 decades Pak Yono worked in sweatshops for some big wellknown labels. He honed his skills and knew he would never treat others the way he was treated.

I am so proud that we will continue to be an example of how the industry can & must be.


Amy, Vegan Leather Co. Founder